Fall 2016 Schedule of Classes 

Spending Time with Jesus Part VII

Thur: 7pm -Instructor: Blair Earkman



A study of the life and teachings of Jesus as depicted in the four Gospels.  Topics will include the birth and preparation of Jesus as Savior (Luke), Son of God (John), Servant (Mark), King (Matthew), and various parables used by Jesus.  All students are welcome.

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How to Study the Bible

Mon: 7pm -Instructor: Roy Williams


This course is designed for students who desire to learn proper methods of bible study, to include the tools of bible study, figures of speech, and various methods of Biblical interpretation.  


Citizenship-Amnesty for Immigration

Sat : 9:15am -Instructor: Dr. S.M. Portillo


Students will learn information necessary to pass the test required to gain Citizenship in the USA.


Literacy for All Ages

Sat : 11:15am -Instructor: Dr. S.M. Portillo


Improve your reading and writing skills. Improve your communication skills in reading, writing, and speaking.  All are welcome.


English as a Second Language, ESL

Sat : 1:15pm -Instructor: Dr. S.M. Portillo


Students will learn to speak and write standard functional English.


The Christian Home

Tue: 7pm -Instructor: David Dominessy


A study of the early Christian home and its successes.  A hard and profound look at marriage, and means of enrichment, understanding, and dealing with children and sex education, and the total structure of the Christian Home.  Other relevant topics at the instructors discretion.