Our Mission Statement

We believe in the divine inspiration of the Holy Scripture as contained in the 66 books of the Bible. We believe in One God-Jehovah, Father of the universe who created heaven, earth, and mankind. We believe in the eternal trinity-Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. We believe that man is created as a free moral agent who must choose between the service of God and self-indulgence. We believe in God's revealed plan of one way of salvation as it was in the days of Noah. We believe in the power of prayer and the omnipotence of He who listens. We believe in the death, burial, resurrection, ascension into Heaven of Jesus Christ and the assurance of His return to award the righteous with everlasting life.



Develop Your Congregation of Tomorrow, Today!

Over the past several years, the Los Angeles Bible College has seen the need of the local congregations in Los Angeles to develop their members in biblical understanding and training. This training not only benefits the individual Christian, but also benefits the congregation as a whole, as these Christians are now able to use their gifts and talents to help build up and edify the congregation. The Los Angeles Bible College can assist you in training individuals for positions of leadership, teaching, and ministry. We offer a variety of courses that are applicable to the spiritual growth of the students. Students are taught in a non-threatening environment by skilled ministers and teachers who understand the word of God. We believe that anybody who can benefit from the courses should be allowed to attend. For that reason, our classes are reasonably priced and conveniently meet in the evenings and on weekends. All classes are $45 each. Prepare your congregation for tomorrow, by equipping the members today through the Los Angeles Bible College.